Before booking an appointment, please ensure you have read and understood the terms of business.


Dr Pollock is approved by all the major private health insurers.

You do not need Private Healthcare insurance to make an appointment. The fees are essentially as advertised in the fee structure and payment is by agreement at the end of the consultation.

If you do have insurance, please contact your insurer first before making an appointment to arrange pre-authorization.  The insurers may ask you to obtain a referral letter from your GP beforehand.

If you are coming to us via your insurer, please make sure you have an up-to-date authorization number and your policy number, which can both be obtained from them.

Please let me know in advance if your policy has an excess. You have the option of paying the excess at the end of the consultation, or you will receive an invoice subsequently.

Should the insurance claim be declined in whole or in part, the patient will be required to pay the outstanding balance in full.

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Pricing Policy

Initial Consultation  …………………………… £220-250

Follow up ………………………………………… £150

Tests and prescriptions ………………………. variable (see below)

What the fee covers
New patient appointments usually take 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the problem.

I will take a full medical history and examine your child. I will discuss my diagnosis and explain any tests and follow up that may be required.

I have a holistic approach to the child and your family to fully understand the problems and how best to manage them.

To ensure everyone is kept fully informed, we will send an email letter (with your permission) with a record of what has been discussed to you and your General Practitioner.

Following the appointment, I will send you results as appropriate and may ask you to keep me updated by email.

What the fee does not cover

My fee does not cover the cost of any testing, for which you or insurers will be invoiced directly by the hospital. You are also liable for the costs of any prescriptions.

Other information of value

It will help us to reach a better understanding of your child’s problem if you can please bring the following:

  • Any previous medical correspondence
  • Test results
  • Growth records (red book)
  • Any medicines that your child has recently been taking
  • Any known drug allergies